About Will

Thanks for visiting my site.  I am a climber and assistant rock guide based out of Squamish BC.

One too many burns… Cory Richards Photo.


Not enough burns…yet.  The Never Ending Arch Project.  Ryan Olson photo.


Wall on fire.  Late evening light, and a gentleman’s 8 foot dyno.  It’s the Prophet, mate.  Paul Bride photo.


Fun facts

Fun Times:  The Smoke Bluff Connection 5.10a, Squamish BC.

Ferocious Fingerlocks:  The Cobra Crack 5.14 trad, Squamish BC.

Fairly Terrifying:  The Southern Belle 5.12d X, Yosemite CA with Alex Honnold

Finicky Wires on volcanic tuff:  The East Face of the Monkey Face 5.13d trad

Fourteen and a half hours: Grand Wall, Northern Lights, Freeway and University Wall, Squamish BC, all free with Alex Honnold.

Favorite First Free Ascent:  Magical Dog 5.13 trad, Squamish BC.

First time new-routing in the mountains:  DNV Direct 5.11+ X, Poincenot, Argentine Patagonia with Jason Kruk.

First forty foot groundfall:  Parthian Shot, United Kingdom.

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The 2009 Jim Baldwin Memorial Award for the First Free Ascent of Cannabis Wall with Jason Kruk

Explore Magazine’s Top 30 under 30. Named top athlete for 2011.