This is a film made in 2014 about a trip into a remote valley called Turbio.  I ventured there with my longtime friend Paul McSorley, along with Fraser Valley young gun Marc-Andre Leclerc and talented filmmaker and climber, Matt Van Biene.  We bushwhacked and horse backed in with the help of local gauchos, climbed the first ascent of Cerro Mariposa, and rafted out.  It stands as one of the most head-spinning adventures of ever been a part of.

In January of 2015, Kevin Ziechmann, Kyle Berkompas, Matt Segal and I spent some time in the Joshua Tree desert, climbing and filming some old, storied classics.  


The Zombie Roof is an iconic roof crack situated in the Smoke Bluffs of Squamish BC, the place where I first learned to trad climb with instructors Andrew Wilson and Graeme Taylor, and buddies Jason Kruk, David Currie and David Nykyforuk when I was in my early teens.  It was a long saga learning the intricacies of this climb, and finally mustering the courage to climb it ropeless.

My old high school buddy Blaise Sack got a drone, and did some filming around Squamish BC with me over the last couple years.  

In the spring of 2012, Hayden Kennedy, Matt Segal and I did a little trip to Indian Creek, to find new lines.  Austin Siadak and Matt Van Biene captured some spicy desert action.