“Will’s cooperation, understanding, and easy-going nature made his preparation and presentation at the Ohio State University a breeze. Despite being on crutches at the time, Will accompanied the OSU Mountaineers to an indoor climbing gym for some one-on-one professional time. He was a great sport! His slideshow later that night was extremely entertaining and the crowd of over 200 people thoroughly enjoyed it. We’d love to host Will anytime!”

-Natalie Sayre, President of the Ohio State Mountaineers

“Will Stanhope presented at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIMFF) twice.¬†¬†Both programs were offered as part of the VIMFF “Grand Finale” together with other live presentations and films, and they practically sold out to an audience of 700.

Will Stanhope belongs to a small core group of the most promising Canadian and North American climbers. With a number of bold trad routes to his credit, he continues to push the physical and, above all, the psychological envelope of rock and alpine routes. A granite-lover at heart, Will’s passion lies in beautiful lines, on the crags or in the mountains, and he is able to share this burning passion through the means of his presentations. Very distinct in style, Will’s presentations kept the audiences laughing, yet rolling their eyes at what this guy is capable, both on the rock and on the stage. An anti-hero, an under-achiever in disguise, Will truly excels both on the rock and on the stage, conveying a special feeling that it is not such a big deal to send big routes, and it is even easier to speak about his hair raising adventures in front of a sell-out crowd. Will brings the extreme back to the masses, inspiring everybody, leaving everybody with a feeling that they can do it, too. After just a few seconds on the stage, Will crushes the barrier between the stage and the audience, he draws the crowd to his stories, and by the touch of his magic wand he opens the hidden sources of the climbing heart in us all.”

-Alan Formanek, Coordinator of Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) is the second largest mountain film festival in Canada and North America, and one of the leading festivals of its genre in the world. It has been running in Vancouver since 1998, attracting about 8000 viewers to the shows in North Vancouver and Vancouver, touring to 30+ places across Canada, and offering additional smaller presentations.

“Ready to jump in at a moments notice. Will has graciously given us his free time to show our members his amazing adventures. Never short of humorous anecdotes and a unique perspective, Will’s slideshows deliver…”

-Peter Winter, President of the Climbers Access Society of British Columbia