5 Questions with Tim Emmett

(Tim in it to win it, Helmcken Falls, BC)
“Take a good run at it, mate…”  Tim teaching Jo the finer points of wingsuiting at the Villa, Squamish BC.

I first met Tim Emmett in the Bugaboos in the summer of 2009. He was running around Applebee campground, camera in hand, snapping photos of the towers, saying “alright…mate, alright” over and over again in his southern UK accent. With blonde curly hair, and a smile that seemed to wrap the whole way around his head, Tim was, in a word, STOKED.


His reputation preceded him. Dangerous headpoints in the UK, a huge new route on the Kedar Dome in the Garwal Himalaya with Ian Parnell, ice climbs, BASE jumps… Tim had seemingly done it all and been everywhere. He has an immense appetite for life: climbing, people and places, and a charisma that everyone gravitates to.


Tim had semi-relocated to Squamish with his wife Katie, and we became fast friends. We climbed the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore, cragged in Squamish, and eventually met up in the UK for some gritstoning. That trip didn’t end so well, and Tim piggy-backed me down the Burbage hillside after I decked out from a considerable height. Tim, good friend that he is, even smuggled some Famous Grouse into the hospital for me while I nursed my broken foot.


He’s giving a slideshow at the Vancouver Mountain Film Fest on Feb 8, and it’ll be a blast.


Q1: You’re well known as a very fired-up person. Have you always been ‘well-psyched’?

There are lots of things to get excited about Mr William, cool people, cool places and full value entertainment if you choose it. I like doing fun stuff, with people that enjoy doing the same. I also like espresso too! So I guess the answer to that is – Yes ;-)


Q2: I’m impressed that you can switch from cutting-edge ice, to terrifying headpoints, to BASE jumping. Does mixing it up continually keep you ‘well-psyched’?

I love the variety that climbing and mountain sports offer, it’s like the changing seasons, love it.


Q3: Can you describe one moment when you’ve been scared? In the mountains, or the rock, wherever…

Yeah when you landed next to me after ripping off the flake on Parthian Shot! You landed so hard, for the first few moments I wasn’t sure if you were were going to be OK.


Q4: After all these years in the vertical, do you still have some pipe-dream projects that keep you up at night?

I have to say this trip to Trango is the ultimate dream for me and one that has been in the back of my mind ever since the first time I went to the Himalayas. Climbing in this environment is always hard work, especially 5.12d at 6000m but the thought of getting to the top and putting our wing suits on and then flying in formation through what’s probably the most impressive mountain scenery in the world, is definitely my pipe dream.

Will’s note: Tim spent a sizable portion of last summer in Pakistan, but conditions were not optimal, and the team came up short on the goal. The dream remains…


Q5: Describe a perfect day starting with coffee and ending with evening cocktails. Can include rocks, ice, flying, whatever.

Anything that combines good coffee, fine weather, my wife, amigos and lots of entertaining adventures is a perfect day for me. Especially if I can get a sunset wingsuit flight down and a raging party after. You know the score Mr Stanhope ;-)



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