It’s the Prophet, mate.

Alright.  So I’m back in Yosemite, trying to finish off this line called ‘The Prophet’, which I tried last year with Sonnie Trotter, who eventually succeeded.  I came mighty close, but alas, mighty close isn’t quite good enough, so I’m back swinging around on this very proud chunk of stone, hoping to seal the deal on one bad to the bone route.  And not just in the figurative sense of the phrase- the Prophet actually shares sections of the route ‘Bad to the Bone’, which is fitting, because to do this route, you have to want it deep in your bones.

So there’s a lot of hiking, a lot of swinging around, alot of groggy starts and big days.  I’ve been crashing in a little cave at the top of the route that also is home to a few squirrels, and some animal that Leo calls “Old ring tail”, and Sonnie calls a “muskrat.”

This year I don’t have a certified rock crusher like Sonnie to swing pitches with me, so I’ve got all of them to myself.  It’s an intimidating project, not without a hefty gulp! factor, but I’m hoping for the best, and trying to enjoy the whole process, and not get too wrapped up in the end goal.

Cheers from Yosemite!



Taran with the Leo hat, trying to summon the British “Don’t let go!”  attitude.

And a few from the summer while I’m at it:

Dad, improvised raft.

Andy Burr’s snap from the glacier, Bugaboos.

This young man is fired up.


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  1. Vlad says:

    Go get it Will! Good luck! I’ll try to stop by your cave Sunday morning to say hi. Is it easy to find?

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